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As a Creature of Temperature named #4 album in Oklahoma for 2018 by Evan Jarvicks

Read the whole writeup and check out the rest of the great music on Make Oklahoma Weirder:


"Featuring some of the most lush orchestrations of the year, As a Creature of Temperature is a breathtaking passage into another realm. It’s one that feels as enormous as a redwood yet as intimate as a water droplet on one of its leaves."


Having a recent failed attempt of his previous band, and about to graduate college, songwriter Dakota Davis was beginning to feel defeated in his music career. Nearly giving up on music all together to pursue a predictable career in physics, Davis was prepared to take the path in front of him.

This was until the death of a dear friend and co-collaborator changed his perspective. Rushing through graduation, he moved back home and immediately set up a recording studio in his parents shed. Focusing on writing and recording his new material, he worked for months until finally "As A Creature of Temperature" was born.

Following the release of his album, Davis recruited the help of Taylor Frederick and Shayln Borth to fill in live performances and begin work on the next release as a full band.