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Mosaic Events

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About Us

                                                                      Mosaic Events is the premier wedding and event coordinating service in Northwest                                                                               Oklahoma and beyond. Our hearts lie in the wheat fields and gentle hills of this area,                                                                               and with the people that live here.

                                                                          That's why we have a passion for events, to create and coordinate moments that will                                                                               foster memories that last forever. 

                                                                             Mosaic was started by Shanna Gonser and Tandy Davis, two people who saw a                                                                                      growing need for entertainment and quality events in Woodward and the                                                 surrounding areas. This, combined with their love for helping people, decorating and managing events led them to create Mosaic.

If you have a need for organized, laid-back, passionate event coordinators, look no further. We're here to help.

Bride and Groom

Assistance with the Affair

Event Management

Have everything under control, but need a little help? This package is for you.

Our team will make sure your event runs smoothly starting the day of the event, you give us the details and we take it from there. We'll meet with you well in advance of the event to go over your timeline and expectations. Then, starting the morning of the event we take over so you can enjoy it as much as your guests will.


A Blissful Big Day

Full Event Coordination

Relax and enjoy the day. Let our team of experienced coordinators make sure everything runs smoothly, from the vendors & venue to closing & cleanup. 


Why leave anything to chance? We'll help you source, plan, and organize 

every detail. We have strong relationships with every type of vendor or venue, and we can make sure your big day is flawless and stress-free. This includes day-of decoration and access to all our rentals.

Wedding Celebration
Event Planner

Vivid Visions

Decoration/Décor Rental

Gain access to our visionary decorators, and the rental decorations we have available. We'll commit to making your event a visual masterpiece.

You set the budget, and we'll take care of the shopping, sourcing, and setup. 

Bring us your vision, and we'll work with you to make it happen.

Wedding Embrace

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